Tue. February. 28, 2017 | 10:59 am


PHOTO: The more than successful Valentine show of TWO

The Renaissance Hotel, on Isaac-John Street hosted one of the most memorable event on valentine’s day, February 14, 2017. It was the Valentine Special Show of Tunde and...
Posted On 24 Feb 2017


‘Avoid working for white employers’ – Mugabe tells black citizens

Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe has told his country’s black citizens to avoid working for white employers. Speaking in a televised interview last night, the...
Posted On 24 Feb 2017


7 gentle ways to get your man to do anything you want

How do you get your man to give you what you want? Here’s a hint: No more nagging. Avoid fighting, complaining, shouting, tears and pouting. Seriously; all it takes...
Posted On 13 Jan 2017

Woman narrates how she caught boyfriend having s*x with own mother

The young woman shared her bizarre story online.  According to her, she recently walked in on her boyfriend having s*x with his own mother. This development,...
Posted On 31 Oct 2016

Women Relationship Today: Signs to know your wife wants divorce

  Women’s relationships today follow a very predictable pattern: They push men for commitment They get what they want They lose interest in sex They...
Posted On 31 Oct 2016