VozAfric is the first remarkably online Africa news-magazine in Spain that offers an important window into the world of African Diaspora in Europe, USA and those in Africa.

VozAfric is where people of African heritage come for Africa related news, sports, entertainment, art, culture, events, relationship, motivation, inspiration along with in-depth profiles of the most influential and fascinating African personalities.

It is a brand that is revolutionising African media and is weaving the threads of cultural identity for the reader of African heritage who has a desire to stay connected to his or her African roots.

Though VozAfric targets African Diaspora in Europe, USA and those in Africa, it’s also creatively packaged to appeal to readers across the world, notwithstanding their race, religion or colour, who want to gain insight about African people and their culture.

It also helps African Diaspora  in Europe, USA and those in Africa to know what’s happening around them.

VozAfric is the ground-breaking online magazine representing contemporary Africa and Africans.

VozAfric: Our Language, Our Voices, Our Vision, Our Culture, Our People – The Authoritative Voice of the African people!

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