After 2 years, Nigerian Women in Spain remember missing Chibok girls

President of the Nigerian Women Association, Christiana Ebeye Nwokeji-Asiegbu talks during the #BringBackOurGirls Campaign at Plaza de la Merced, Málaga, Spain, May 13, 2014. Photo | VozAfric

After 2 years, the Nigerian Women Association in Spain remember the missing Chibok girls. 

Dozens of Nigerians gathered Tuesday, 13th May, 2014 at central Plaza de la Merced, Málaga to demand the release of 276 girls abducted on April 14, 2014 by an Islamic radical group, Boko Haram, and showed their rejection of terrorism.


At a demonstration of two hours with Spaniards and other nationalities, the president of the Nigerian Women Association, Málaga, Christiana Nwokeji-Asiegbu, intervened to say “no to totalitarianism” and calls for the release of the kidnapped girls, and respect for their human rights.


Attendees with red shirts and some with babies in their arms, carried signs reading “Bring back our girls”, “Nigerian women in Spain are worried” or ” Real men do not buy girls”, chanted songs like “Solidarity forever, we must always fight for our rights”, showing their revulsion to a kidnap that keeps you wondering about many families which has caused a major international response.


CNN on Wednesday, 13th April, 2016 aired a new video from Boko Haram, believed to be made in December, of girls wearing the Islamic hijab, and of one mother reaching out to a computer screen as she recognizes her daughter. “My Saratu,” she wails.

If any Chibok girls get home, some will miss their parents. Two mothers and 16 fathers have died since the mass abduction, some of them victims of Boko Haram attacks. Others died from illnesses blamed on stress, according to Nkeki, who spoke to the AP by phone from Chibok.


The Nigerian Women Association send their greetings to many media partners who covered and aired the event on TV stations, newspapers and internet: Diario Sur, OndaLuz, Onda Azul,101TV, VozAfric, CanalSur TV, PTV, CNN iReport, Inés Benítez, just to name a few. Also Nigerian newspapers like Vanguard Media, and other media and blogs that made their voices heard across the world.

The Nigerian Women Association, Málaga Spain at their End of Year Get Together on Saturday, December 5, 2015. Photo: Vozafric.

The Nigerian Women is a registered Association in the province of Málaga, Spain, and has been in existence since the past 5 years, and is recognized by the Spanish authority.

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