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PHOTOS: Nigerian based fashion brand Marobuk 2018 Women Collection

Nigerian based fashion brand Marobuk has launched its first prêt-à-porter collection for women. The collection is a conglomeration of vibrant colours, print and extravagant style with fantastic asymmetry. Featuring Nollywood actress and TV host Bridget Chigbufue, the collection incorporates ankara and various...
Posted On 02 Apr 2018

PHOTOS: Asia Inspired Summer Capsule Collection by Funke Adepoju

Eponymous womenswear fashion brand, Funke Adepoju, recently released a Capsule Collection. The capsule collection is a fun and easy ready to wear line that comes just in time for the summer. The pieces infuse Asian inspired prints while still portraying the dominant African prints – popularly known as Ankara. From...
Posted On 29 Jul 2017

Photos: Hundreds of women join the Fulani Braids Revolution

There’s not much more to add, it seems Fulani braids is what is trending amongst women across the world from Africa to brazil to USA. It seems what Alicia Key used to rock casually is now a fad. What sparked it is unknown but it’s world wide and trending. We brought you many pictures of how you can wear it as well...
Posted On 15 Jul 2017

Images From Our Selection This Week: Latest 2017 African Print

African print styles keep evolving every now as new styles keep popping up, but we definitely are not complaining at all because we love the African print styles and we love the fact that the styles never run out. Check out some of the latest African print styles for inspiration below… Rea...
Posted On 03 May 2017

Amazing Shots showing Sudanese Beauty star Kim Nyakim

Black is indeed beautiful! I have seen lots of dark-skinned beauties, but this looks almost unbelievable. She is our beautiful US-based Sudanese star Kim Nyakim who we believe to be one of the most amazing look models in the US at the moment. See more photos below… Images by: Tolulupe Berry Rea...
Posted On 19 Apr 2017

Vuwani | Rise, the SS17 Lookbook from Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs

According to the Label “It is said by the Vhatatsindi, or the People of the Pool, that there are many mysteries around the sacred body over which they hold watch. Three rivers flow into the lake and yet it never overflows. When you throw an object into its waters, the spirits will catch it and place it on the...
Posted On 14 Jan 2017