Is it proper for a lady to send her nude picture to a guy?

For sometime now we have been hearing news about ladies sending their nude pictures to their lovers, and some sending their nude pictures to some guys they hardly knew. Some time ago we heard that one of the Nollywood Actresses, Bimbo Thomas also sent her nude pictures to a fake lover she didn’t know already has a wife and children somewhere.

Today, teenage girls also send their nude pictures to their boyfriends. This is really getting rampant and enjoyable by everyone. But the question is: “Is it proper for a lady to send nude pictures of herself to a guy?”

There are so many reasons not to send nude pictures to anyone, but with nearly everyone having a cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, email and Instant Messaging, it’s all too easy to give in and snap a picture. Whether it’s for your boyfriend or a random flirty stranger online, girls of all ages are talked into exposing themselves for the camera every day.  Some women think that sending a naughty picture to their boyfriend will tempt him into some fun later on in the day, but there are other ways to get their attention!

Take a look at few reasons why it is improper to send your nude pictures to anyone:


I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love that it keeps everyone connected but I truly hate how easy it makes it to bully, stalk and harass people. Everyone thinks the relationship they’re in is going to last, but the harsh truth is that most relationships, when they end, don’t end on the best of terms. Things can get nasty and complicated. If your ex gets mad or vindictive enough, those nude pics you sent him two years ago that he saved could do some damage to your reputation. You don’t want all of your friends, his friends or the general public seeing you naked. It is way too easy to forward a photo to anyone and everyone using social media or text messaging.


Once a photo is put online you never know how long it will be there. Even if you manage to get it taken down from one website, who knows how many others it may be on. Even if you make your partner promise to delete the pic as soon as they see it, that isn’t a guarantee that they actually will. I know I’ve kept pictures for years after I had promised to delete them, and I know I’m certainly not the only one.


Phones get lost or stolen ALL the time. You don’t want someone to pick up your love interest’s phone and see those pictures of you. Just because your boyfriend/girlfriend is caring enough not to spread that picture around, that doesn’t mean that everyone who may see it will be as responsible. Even if it’s a friend who is just looking through the phone for something else, he or she may come across that picture. You don’t want to have to worry about that.


A teenage girl was in an abusive relationship when she was 19.  She didn’t LET the guy take naked photos of her, he just did it. When she broke up with him because of the abuse, he cornered her after work one day with copies of the pictures and told her if she didn’t go with him, he would make sure her parents and all of her friends saw every single one of those pictures. If you’re in this girl’s situation what will you do?


One of the reasons ladies send nude pictures is because they TRUST the guy they are sending the pic to, believing the guy is the right guy for them and he won’t disappoint or break their heart. Ladies, don’t ever put yourself in that position by freely sending nudes of yourself to anyone. People can change. Someone who seems like a trustworthy, wonderful person right now may not be down the line. Let us learn a lesson from Nollywood Actress, Bimbo Thomas.

I hope that these reasons not to send nude photos to anyone will enter your mind next time you’re debating whether or not to send one?

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