Masturbation a major cause of Varicocele, infertility among men

Varicocele is a varicose vein in the scrotum. Much like the appearance of varicose veins in legs, the varicocele can be best seen or felt when standing. In the standing position, men with varicoceles may note fullness around or above the testicles. This fullness should disappear when lying down. This is called “reflux” when blood travels the wrong way (backwards) through a vein called the testicular vein.

self-service is, of course, a common cause of varicocele, but mental incontinence is just as likely to produce it. Ungratified sex excitement, frequently repeated, is almost certain to cause it to a greater or less degree. But if one is much debilitated, with tissues lacking in tone and circulation weak, one may possibly develop varicocele without any specific abuse. Tight clothing may have something to do with it. Constipation is a cause in many instances. The wearing of a truss, the presence of a tumor, or any other obstruction to the circulation, might cause it.

Varicoceles, basically raises the temperature in the testicles, which affect the production of sperm, as well as sperm movement and/or shape. It may also affect other aspects of sperm function. But, it is unknown by
what mechanism varicoceles may impair fertility.

Research shows that fifteen percent of men have varicoceles. Interestingly, varicoceles are identified in 40 per cent of men with fertility problems and 80 per cent of men who have had a child or children and are having trouble conceiving another one. Based on these statistics, a few conclusions can be drawn: Not all varicoceles are significant, many varicoceles are associated with male fertility problems, there seems to be a damaging effect over time in some men with varicoceles.

To diagnosed varicocele, the physical exam is performed in a warm room to avoid the “cold shower” effect on the scrotum. The examination must be performed lying down and standing up.

A varicocele can also be seen on an ultrasound too. This test is useful for men with very tight scrotums or for obese men. In both cases, a physical examination can be difficult.

More so, varicocele raises the scrotal temperature. This has been shown in scientific studies. The average scrotal temperature is approximately 94 degrees F but it is higher in men with varicoceles. We know that other causes of increased intrascrotal temperature, such as hot tub use and excessive laptop use, are associated with decreased Fluid quality. This also explains why a man who has a varicocele on the left side only can have decreased Fluid quality.

In treating varicocele, procedures involve blocking the flow of blood in the veins so that they cannot reflux. This can be done from outside the veins (surgery) or from inside the veins (embolization). The testicle then drains itself through other channels which generally do not reflux.

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