Olu Jacobs: Why we are no longer seeing him on Nollywood movies

Olu jacobs is one of the best Nollywood actors who appeared on our screens. He started his acting career in the late 80’s. During the 90’s, however, is when he started to appear on more prominent roles. By the time the decade was over, he was known as one of the respected actors in Nollywood.

Over the years he has starred in over 200 movies and has won several awards for his incredible acting career. However, we are starting to see less and less of him on our screens.

Below are reasons why we no longer see much of him on our screens.

1. Old Age

It is natural that when one is getting old, the energy and zeal to work diminishes. Olu jacob will be 78 years come July. His spirit might be willing but his flesh is weak. It is very stressful to be moving from one place to the other at his old age.

2. Managing other Business

Olu Jacobs and his family owns a business known as Lufodo First Group. His eldest son is the General manager of the Lufodo productions which is one of the many assets that the family own. Quitting acting will help him pay more attention to his family business in a less stressful and convenient office.

3. Family Relationship

The older you get, the happier you will be spending time with your family. But as a top actor, it is very difficult to spend time with your family. Quitting acting is a good opportunity to spend time with the family especially his grand children.

4. Staying Healthy

Acting is stressful and a strenuous profession, so you don’t expect a man in his late 70’s stressing him self memorising scripts and moving from one place to the other.

What do you think?

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