VozLady for August 2020: Meet Sapele teenage beauty queen, Fiona Toluwalope Aghuniafe

It’s a new month, the month of August 2020, the beginning of new and great things in our lives. We are using this opportunity to present to you one of our finest teenage beauty queens, Aghuniafe Fiona Toluwalope. Read her interview with VozAfric below…

*VOZAFRIC* Hi, could you please tell us a bit about yourself?
*Fiona* My name is Fiona Aghunaife Toluwalope, I am fifteen (15) years old, I hail from Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. I’m from a family of five (5) my dad, my mum, myself, my little sister and my little brother. I attended Good Shepherd Preparatory School, Life Fountain Nursery and Primary School and Obule Integrated School (Secondary) all in Sapele, Delta State.

*VOZAFRIC* Growing up, tell us about this.
*Fiona* I have always had beautiful memories from my childhood, my parents ensured I didn’t lack anything as an only child for 12 years, before my other siblings came along.

*VOZAFRIC* Why and how did you go into modelling?
*Fiona* I went into modelling because I have deep passion for it. And it all started when my class teacher saw and advert for a ‘little miss contest’ and she asked if I could do it, I quickly grabbed the opportunity and when she informed my parents about it, they gave me their full support and blessings. That was my first contest ever at age 10 and I won the crown ‘Little Miss Sapele 2015’.

*VOZAFRIC* How long have you been modelling?.
*Fiona* Hmmm, this is my 5th year in modelling.

*VOZAFRIC* Any contract (s) with any modelling agency(cies)?
*Fiona* I am currently signed under the House of MichybalJJ, a Dubai based fashion company.

*VOZAFRIC* Contests you have participated in, and awards won so far?
*Fiona* They are:
Little Miss Sapele 2015
Miss Teen Sapele 2019
Awards: None

*VOZAFRIC* How did you feel winning these contests?
*Fiona* It was a wonderful experience, it was a dream come through for me, I felt joy like a river. It wasn’t easy at all, as I was the youngest amongst the contestants, I never expected the win, every win made me feel great and also makes me feel closer to my dreams.

*VOZAFRIC* Aside modelling, what else do you do?
*Fiona* When I am not in school, I do fashion designing.

*VOZAFRIC* What inspires you?
*Fiona* The greatness of others who started just like me.

*VOZAFRIC* What are your challenges, and how have you been coping?
*Fiona* My greatest challenge in the modelling industry are lack of sincerity (transparency).
And I have been able to overcome them by investing in myself and improving my self-worth.

*VOZAFRIC* Who is your role model?
*Fiona* My role model is the delectable Nollywood actress, Mrs Adesua Etomi Wellington.

*VOZAFRIC* What are your achievements so far?
*Fiona* Within this short period, I have been able to achieve a lot as a teen model and also a fashion designer and I do hope to achieve more.

*VOZAFRIC* What measures do you think should be taken to fight against rape in our society?
*Fiona* Anyone caught in the act of rape should be sentenced to death, it is heart-breaking hearing of the daily increase of rape cases in our society, mothers, daughters, sisters that are to be protected now live in fear, the future is female and we are meant to be protected.

*VOZAFRIC* Your likes and dislikes.
*Fiona* I like sincere and honest people, and I dislike lies and discrimination.

*VOZAFRIC* Your favourite clothing line.
*Fiona* I do not have a favourite clothing line, I wear what I like, so long it fits and comfortable on me.

*VOZAFRIC* Your favourite meal.
*Fiona* Starch and Banga soup.

*VOZAFRIC* Your hobbies.
*Fiona* Acting, singing, reading and modelling.

*VOZAFRIC* Your aspirations.
*Fiona* I aspire to be a top model nationally and internationally, and to bring back sanity to the modelling industry.

*VOZAFRIC* Can you give a word of advise to teenage models like you?
*Fiona* The journey is not always smooth, but at the end you will be glad you did. Modelling is not a training ground for prostitution, but a field for sound minds and an avenue to reach out to the society positively.

*VOZAFRIC* Send greetings to your fans.
*Fiona* To all my esteemed fans, family and friends, I sincerely do love you and appreciate you all for the constant support over time, there is no ‘Fiona’ without you all, I promise never to let you down.



AGHUNIAFE FIONA TOLUWALOPE is sapele’ fastest rising teenage beauty queen, who hails from Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria.

Miss Fiona shot into limelight in 2015 when she won the 3rd edition of ‘Little Miss Sapele 2015’, She then subsequently moved on to become the winner of the 2nd edition of ‘Miss Teen Sapele 2019’ in a keenly contested beauty pageant, held in Sapele, Delta State.

This Miss Teen Sapele beauty queen, attended Life Fountain Nursery and Primary School, Good Shepherd Preparatory School and Obule Integrated School (Secondary) all in Sapele, Delta State.

She did on a regular basis, vigorous online campaigns against ‘Rape’ with a drive towards attaining a peaceful environment for the girl child in Sapele in particular, as well as Nigeria in general.

She is very passionate towards the care for motherless babies and children who lives in the slump.

She believes that, ‘she has failed when she gives up trying’.

Her utmost priority is that ‘one day she will be a voice to be heard, a figure that every teenage girl would want to be like, as she will continue to be a positive channel of change in the society.

Wishing her success in her endeavours.

What do you think?

Written by vozAfric


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