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Xclusive: Meet Queen Gwen Ello, winner of VozLady for June 2015


A special month, a month of blessings and fulfillment. In this month, we are presenting to you one loving, beautiful and elegant Queen Gwen Ello as winner of VozLady for the month of June 2015. Congrats to her…

In an exclusive interview with her, here is what she said… Enjoy…

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VOZAFRIC: Hi, could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

GWEN: I am her eminence, QUEEN GWENDOLYN ELOHO OKUTELE, but my friends call me QUEEN GWEN ELLO. I am 25 years old, I am from the Adagbrasa clan of Amukpe village in Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. I am 5.5feet tall. My parents are both business-oriented, and I am the first child of my parents.

VOZAFRIC: Growing up. Tell us about this?

GWEN: I grew up just like any other child. My parents love me so much and they never hid it from me, and this has kept me going. They stood by me all along, right from my primary school days at Tender Kiddies Foundation Primary School, to my college days at Davogha Model College Secondary School. They ensured I secured admission into the higher institution, I then moved over to Olabisi Onabanjo University, where I studied Mass Communications at the OND Level. Presently, I am a final year student of the Department of Business Administration, at the Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti State. All this while, I still maintained a great relationship with my closely knit family.

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VOZAFRIC: Why and how did you go into modelling? Who/what inspired you?

GWEN: As a young girl growing up, I loved participating in school activities, especially the arts group. Entertainment is my first love and I was known for my passion in the arts throughout my primary and secondary school days. I was inspired to go into modelling when I first watched Miss World pageantry in 1994, I was still a child as at then, and I told my dad that I will like to become a Beauty Queen when I grow up and he encouraged me. Then in 2008, he reminded me of that dream I had and ask me to give it a trial, I then contested for Miss Galaxy Damsel in Lagos, though I didn’t win the ultimate crown, however, I was the 4th runner up and I won the Miss Amity Award. In 2013, I competed for the maiden edition of Face of Niger Delta Beauty Pageant and eventually won the coveted title. Then in 2014, I competed again for the maiden edition of Miss Nollywood Nigeria which was organised by BK Global Movies and eventually won the prestigious title.

VOZAFRIC: How long have you been modelling?

GWEN: I have been modelling since I won the maiden edition of Face of Niger Delta in 2013.

VOZAFRIC: Any contract with an agency?

GWEN: I am working on something at the moment.


VOZAFRIC: Contests you have participated and awards won so far?

GWEN: The maiden edition of Face of Niger Delta pageant and the maiden edition of Miss Nollywood Nigeria.

VOZAFRIC: How did you feel winning these contests?

GWEN: It has been a wonderful experience. I feel so blessed and fulfilled since it has been my childhood dream of becoming a Beauty Queen.

VOZAFRIC: Aside modelling, what else do you do?

GWEN: I am also into acting and very soon I will veer into production.


VOZAFRIC: What are your challenges, and how have you been coping?

GWEN: The challenges have always been the same with every Beauty Queen. The stereotype view of the society about beauty queens. However, there are those of us that are very descent and consequently uphold our traditional values.

VOZAFRIC: What are your achievement/s so far?

GWEN: Since I won the maiden editions of the Face of Niger Delta and Miss Nollywood Nigeria respectively, I have been profiled in different major Newspapers and Magazines in Nigeria. This has also enabled me to positively affect the lives of widows, aged people, motherless babies and the less-privileged in the society.


VOZAFRIC: Tell us about Miss Nollywood Foundation?

GWEN: This is a platform where the ideals of the Miss Nollywood brand is propagated, thereby effecting positive changes in the lives of people in the society.

VOZAFRIC: What are the prizes attached to the winners?

GWEN: The Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant has five Ambassadors, namely: Miss Nollywood Nigeria, Miss Nollywood International, Most Beautiful Girl Nollywood, Face of Nollywood, Miss Nollywood Culture and Tourism. All 5 crowns are equal and we got N1m cash each at the maiden edition.

VOZAFRIC: Why did you go for Miss Nollywood Pageant?

GWEN: I chose it because of the brand “NOLLYWOOD”. It stands out from other pageants because it is the 3rd biggest film industry in the world after America’s Hollywood and India’s Bollywood. Anywhere Nollywood is mentioned in the world today, one can easily know you’re referring to the Nigerian film industry. An ordinary person on the streets knows about Nollywood and its significance.


VOZAFRIC: Your likes and dislikes?

GWEN: I like intelligent, honest, neat and God-fearing people, while I dislike the opposite of the aforementioned.

VOZAFRIC: Your favourite clothing lines?

GWEN: Any good looking clothing line, even if it is not trending. I like what fits and suits me.

VOZAFRIC: Your favourite meal?

GWEN: Any well cooked meal will do for me, but I like rice and plantain.

VOZAFRIC: Your hobbies?

GWEN: Dancing, acting and playing football.

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VOZAFRIC: Your aspirations?

GWEN: I hope to become one of the 100 most influential women in the world in a couple of years from now by God’s grace.

VOZAFRIC: Can you give a word of advice to upcoming Nigerian models like you?

GWEN: My advice to upcoming Nigerian models is for them to be focused, hardworking, disciplined and determined to achieve their goals in life, and I promise if they can keep at it like me, they will definitely achieve their dreams.

VOZAFRIC: Send greetings to your fans

GWEN: like my closest friend always say in Zulu, “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” which translate to mean – “I am because we are”. I am who I am today because of the unflinching support of my friends, fans and family. Keep on believing and supporting me, I promise never to let you down by God’s grace. I love you all.

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  1. This goes to confirm that you’re created for the limelight…we are proud of you and your unalloyed love for the Widows, motherless babies and less privileged in the society. May God continue to protect, bless and uplift you in Jesus name, Amen!

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